Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Time

I haven't been posting again, sorry about that. Last week was eventful to say the least. After we got back from Wisconsin I had a couple days off, then Wednesday when I went to work at the kitchen shop I found out that it was closing. I'm not normally one to point fingers, but the mall just wouldn't work out a deal on the rent so the store had to close. Very sad, because I love the great kitchen stuff we sell and the amazing people I work with. Thank goodness for Facebook so I can stay in touch with the friends I made there. So last week I work about every day and Sunday was our last day. Yesterday we went in and packed up the store and now no more kitchen shop. :-(

During all that I was trying to decorate cookies, count my calories and offered to babysit my friend's kids so they could have a date night. Sadly I did not get any exercise in that mix. Hopefully I still have some loss this week. I did finally get the cookies decorated however and they turned out pretty cute, even if the cookie recipe was not my friend.

On another note, last month I had finally ordered some Lunapads and have gotten to use them once already. Actually when I got them in the mail I was so excited I even said I couldn't wait for my period to start so I could use them! Ha ha....there is a first time for everything I guess! So for any of you ladies out there interested in an eco-friendly option for pads and other period supplies, check them out! They may seem a little spendy, but in the long run you will end up saving money and you won't be filling up the landfills with pads that won't biodegrade for hundreds of years. There are tons of options for cloth pads, start looking online and you may be surprised at how fun it is! You can also find patterns and how-to's to make your own. I am already planning on ordering more and making some of my own and I hope you will too!

Happy crafting!

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