Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thrifty Weekend

This last weekend I did a little bit of thrifting and oh how I missed it so! The weather was beautiful so Friday I decided to see if anyone was having garage sales. There were a few around town but I found a church one which was indoors, I know defeating the purpose of enjoying the sun, but oh well. They had a lot of stuff (some of the marked stuff, especially the glasswares, were a bit overpriced for a garage sale.) After finding some sets of cloth napkins in the kitchen room for $.25 a set, I ventured into the other rooms. I found some fabric (2 yards, plus a remnant of another print) for $.50 and an old plastic thread case for $.50! I have been needing a thread case for all my spools of thread. Then I found the Christmas room, unfortunately did not find much, just a couple little things and the book room, where I found my best treasures! I found a really old baking book from the 1920's! It is a little bit musty, but otherwise in great condition! I also found a couple other cookbooks from the 50's/60's and a poetry book from the 60's. I paid $2 for all four. :-)

Then on Sunday, Joe's mom and I went to an antique show in Portland. It was huge and we didn't even get halfway through. I had a small list of what I was looking for and of course didn't find any of it. Isn't that how it always goes? I did find a GREAT book illustrated by Eric Carle from the 60's and in amazing condition. It is like new! I also got a pattern and a cute little German clock. We are pretty sure the clock doesn't work but I think it is a cute little decorative item. I was pleased with my purchases and of course had fun antiqueing with my soon-to-be mother in-law.

Over all it was a fun weekend and I will post pictures of my finds later!

Happy creating! :-)

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