Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To do List

I have been making a To Do list for each month until the wedding. This month I had on there to call the caterer, done; check out organic flower options, doing that right now; make and decorate a mock/practice cake, not done; start making music list, not started. Now I also added onto that a project not related to the wedding. I am now making two Easter dresses for my friends' daughters. We picked up all the fabric the other day and I have started cutting out the pattern pieces. They shouldn't be too hard so we will see how they turn out! I'm sure they will be cute and if they aren't too frustrating, then I feel I should be able to make the flower girl dresses for my nieces for the wedding. I just can't seem to find what I want, so making them may be the only option. Hey, when I say I am having a handmade wedding, I really mean it! Ha! We will see if I have any hair left by the wedding. I may have to get a wig made for me...I wonder if anyone on Etsy makes them...

That is all for my post today. I've got a lot to do and those dresses are at the top of my list right now. Less than 2 weeks until Easter now! I can do it!

Happy Creating! :-)

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