Thursday, March 11, 2010

Best Deal Ever

One of the items from last weekend I am soooo glad I bought because it turned out to be one of the best deals ever (so far.)

Remember this picture?

Well, they are these amazing little floating disks that you stick a wick in. Then you pick any glass container, usually some sort of wine glass or goblet. Pour mostly water in the glass, then a nice layer of cooking oil (veg., olive, sunflower, etc.) and float the disk on top, light it and you have a nice oil candle. Amazing! I found some of a these over a year ago at a Christmas craft bazaar, but they are a new company. The Flam-Buoyants company sadly does not exist anymore, yes, I searched for it online. However during my searches I found some on Amazon.

Their price on Amazon: $41.85
What I paid at garage sale: $0.10
Savings: $41.75

Best deal ever! I am so exited! I haven't tested them yet, but they should work. This is exactly why you should go to garage sales, you never know what you might find and what amazing deal you may get. :-)

Happy thrifting! (and creating)

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