Monday, March 22, 2010

Wedding Planning Inspiration

Since this is the year of the big day, MY big day to more specific, there is a lot of wedding planning to be done. I am also planning a DIY wedding to save money and it is much more fun! I am going to start posting my pictures and ideas on here so I can keep track of what is going through my head. I seriously have hundreds of ideas swimming around in my head and everyday I get more and more ideas. It is a bit overwhelming. So for the next 7 months you will get to follow along with my wedding planning for my vintage, handmade eco-chic wedding! Yay! Fun for you! I will still post about my other crafting and baking, but be prepared for some wedding crafting craziness!

How's this for inspiration?

This is mostly my color and "theme" inspiration. I love the 50's, so you could say we are going to have a 50's theme, even though we aren't going to go all out on that. Since I want to be eco-friendly, buying vintage is a good way to be green and it will also tie in with the 50's theme or feel of the wedding. We are going to use Chrysanthemums as our flowers since they are autumn flowers and grow in autumn colors. The color theme is going to be autumn colors with dark teal (or peacock teal/blue) as a contrast color because I am in love with that color!

More autumn color inspiration:

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