Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crappy First Time Mama

For those of you who don't know what's going on, here is the link to the blog where this whole thing started. There has been a crazy all out mommy-war going on ever since this blogger posted this picture of 4 different moms which was supposed to celebrate our different parenting styles. She had a lot of nasty things written on hers with a lot of moms calling each other some pretty mean things. I have only read her blog a few times but she sounds like a very fun person!

Even though I am not a very good blogger, I am going to jump on the band wagon and give my reasons why I am a crappy mom to my (almost) 11 month old baby boy. (Seriously, where has the time gone, he is almost a year old!)

I only nursed/pumped for about 8 weeks and then switched to formula.
We co-sleep sometimes plus his crib is still in our room.
I held/hold him a lot, maybe "too much", but I honestly don't think that is possible.
He often takes naps in his swing or has to be held to fall asleep.
He uses a pacifier still for naps and bedtime. He won't still have it by his 2nd birthday.
Sometimes I let him hold his own bottle to feed himself so I can get something done.
I sometimes get on the computer while he is awake and playing. (I have gotten away from that mostly so I can enjoy him while he is still a baby...seriously, they grow up too fast.)
I try to use natural and organic products around the house.
I mostly make his food or he eats what we eat. (Mostly organic, but sometimes not.)
Sometimes he eats pre-packaged baby food. (Only organic brands)
I am very cautious about him trying new foods, probably more than I need to be.
I let him drink juice.
Sometimes I let him have some whipped cream off my coffee drink.
We vaccinate on the doctor's schedule.
We use over the counter baby meds sometimes for fever, etc.
I use natural and organic baby body items for him.
I cloth diaper and mostly use cloth wipes.
He is not circumcised.
He will remain rear facing after 2 years if his height and weight allow.
I hug and kiss him constantly because I can't get enough of him.
I mostly stay at home with him and when I do work I miss him like crazy. (I have more separation anxiety than he does.)
I let him watch TV sometimes.
I used a wrap when he was younger now we mostly use a stroller.
I don't like to buy a lot of the mainstream clothes that make him look like an 8 year old. I want to dress him like a baby while he still is one.
I tell him "no" and plan on spanking his bottom if necessary for discipline but plan on using positive parent techniques too.
I take him to church some Sundays and read him books about God and the Bible.

I know there are many more things that some people would think make me a bad mama but I can't think of anymore right now. All I can think of is how much I love my little man and would do anything for him to keep him safe and healthy. If you think some of these things make me (and my husband, since these are mostly joint decisions) a bad parent then you can go ahead and think that. When I come home from work and he comes crawling to me when he hears my voice or his face lights up when he sees me, I know I am not a bad mommy in his eyes. He loves me and that is what matters to me!

~Little T's Mommy~
(Oh yeah, we don't put his name on the internet for his safety.)

I know, I've totally screwed him up already, which is why he thinks his booger sucker is a toy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yes, I know. I am terrible at updating, but I have had so much going on and I am trying not to be on the computer when little man is awake. I just don't want to miss things since he is growing sooooo fast! Seriously so much has happened with him since my last post. Let's see if I can think of everything...

He has tried more foods; apples, carrots, zucchini (which he liked, much to the dismay of his dad), green beans and peaches. Up next: butternut squash...yum!

He could sit up on his own, but not get out of sitting up (unless he tipped over) or into sitting. Then in the past week and a half he all of a sudden can sit up on his own, get to his tummy/crawling position from sitting. Then he can scoot but not quite crawl like a mad man! We had to put up his play yard because he was getting to everything he wasn't supposed to get to, like the cords from the Wii.

He tried the little puffs a few days ago. At first he wasn't sure what to do when you put it is his mouth, but now he chews on them. He tries picking them up and is successful sometimes. He got one in his mouth for the first time today!

He has his first tooth coming in. You can feel the very top of it coming through his gums. We have had some crankiness, low fevers and waking a lot for the past few weeks. It will be nice when this tooth finally comes in!

He has also started to pull himself up to things. He has been pretty successful a couple of times and has gotten to standing. Crazy!

I think those are the big milestones he has reached so far, but as I said they are happening so fast! It seems like one day he can't do something and then the next day he can.

We also celebrated my husband's first Father's day this month! We got up early and made him breakfast, waffles and bacon. I made him some delicious chocolate cupcakes with homemade pb cups inside with chocolate frosting. They were delish!! I took pictures and will be doing a tutorial on them for my next post so keep a lookout for that one!

Until then, happy creating! 
~Rachel, Little T's Mommy~

Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Mother's Day

I can't wait to spend my very first mother's day with my sweet baby boy! It would be better if Joe could spend the day with us but he has to go make the money. Plus we get  bunch of days together next week/weekend, so I can't complain too much.

T had another visit with his neurologist last week and we discussed the results of his MRI he had in March. His doctor is a bit concerned because there were still some areas of concern within his brain and there had been some shrinkage of the brain. Overall he is doing well and meeting most of his milestones. The doctor is thinking he may prove them wrong by doing much better than they originally thought. He are proud of him and his accomplishments whether he ends up being behind or not.

I'm not much in a typing mood. Kind of sad especially since I haven't posted much at all lately, but I am just tired so I am going to post some new pics of some of what has been going on with my little guy and a link to my Etsy shop that I finally got up and going! Go check it out!

Our little family on Easter morning. I made T's cute little shortalls.

Little Man loves to stand! He is getting so big!

Holding his bottle now. He does such good job!

Enjoying some delicious peas! We have now tried oatmeal, rice, bananas, peas, avocados and pears. He only disliked the avocados. 

 Love my pea covered munchkin!

And a link to my Etsy shop:

Please visit and shop around!! 

Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there!
~Baby T's Mama~

Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Friday Fun

Last night we went to the First Friday event our downtown has every 1st Friday of the month. Being so close to Easter is was an Easter theme. A bunch of the businesses had specials or little giveaways going on. One place even had the Easter bunny so T got to sit with her (the bunny was pink so I'm going with "her".) and get his picture taken. We got one copy of the photo and it was free! Can't beat that price! Then my sweet husband did an obstacle course, egg on a spoon around some cones, and got me a $20 voucher to the salon where I got my hair done for our wedding. Much needed haircut here I come! Our friend Jen also did the course and got herself one too.

My darling husband earning the voucher for me!

 Miss Jen tackling the course with the very raw egg! 

Then we just walked around and checked out the other businesses. I am so glad they are getting more small businesses in our downtown. I would much rather go to downtown and support some local businesses than go to the giant chain store. Prices are not always that much more and you are supporting local people and their families instead of the CEO's of those giant companies.

Also, I got my two tester bibs made and sent out the other day. They should get them soon and hopefully they enjoy them as much as I do! Thank you again ladies!

Now I am off to make some shoes for my little guy for Easter since it is supposed to be chilly!

Little T's Mommy

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tummy sleeper...

Two nights in a row Little T has decided to sleep on his tummy. As I mentioned in my previous post he was getting almost all the way from his back to his tummy. Three nights ago he figured it out completely. Joe woke me up about 1 a.m. saying "He is sleeping on his stomach." Of course being half asleep I freaked out. "Is he breathing!?" He was of course. Silly boy. 

Joe tried turning him over the first night which ended with him waking up thinking it was time to be awake and eat. Since I wasn't the one who woke the baby, I got to keep sleeping. Ha!

Thank you to the two lovely ladies who commented on my bib testers post. They will each be receiving a bib in the mail to test out soon! I'm excited because I get to make girly bibs! :-) After that I will be making more to get some in my shop soon. *fingers crossed* I really want to be a WAHM because I hate leaving my little guy even for a few hours. I am officially smitten with him!

No pictures today, but hopefully I will get some more projects done and maybe a tutorial some day soon...

Sandy a la Mode is doing an amazing giveaway over at her blog! She is giving away a pair of Seychelles shoes. Amazing! If you have never heard of them, you need to check them out. They are one of my favorite brands. Sadly I have never owned a pair as they are on the pricey side, but they are completely my style. Their shoes have that vintage look and feel that I love! 

Little T's Mommy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sickness and Road Trip

My little guy is 5 months old today! Yikes, I can't believe it! He is getting so big!

T has now been fighting a cold and allergies for 2 weeks now. We went to the doctor last week and he said it was probably just a cold but allergies are possible even though they say they "can't have allergies this young." He has had a terribly runny nose and a bit of a cough. He only had a low fever one day and hasn't again since. Some days his nose will be less runny so I think we are at the end and then he wakes up with a worse sounding cough like today. He absolutely despises the bulb sucker by now and I don't blame him. I will be calling the dr. again this week if it continues. I just feel bad for the poor little guy.

On a happier note, we had our first road trip/weekend trip this last weekend. We went up to the suburbs to visit our friends and also use our Trader Joes gift card from my wonderful sister! T was such a good little traveler and so patient with all the shopping we did. We have such a good little baby boy! It was so great to see our wonderful friends whom we don't see very much. They are getting married in May and I cannot be more happy for them! I can't wait, it's going to be such a fun and crafty wedding! :-) T was so smiley all weekend, probably because he got a lot of new stuff. Amy took us to a couple Goodwills and a Savers (a very large thrift store.) We even found a few Janie and Jack pieces of clothing for him at a great price! He also practiced rolling over from his back while we were there. He can get himself almost all the way over, his arm is just keeping him from getting all the way to his tummy. He is getting so close!

Such a cool little traveler!

It was a fun weekend and now as we get back to our regular activities I hope my little guy feels better soon! I hope you are all staying healthy and enjoying this nice weather!

~Little T's mommy~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bib Testers

In an attempt to get more followers and to help my get my crafty store up and going I am going to do a small giveaway. I have some bibs that I designed and would like a couple people to test them out and give me feedback on how to improve upon them. The first 3 people with kiddos needing a 0-6, 6-12 and 18-24 size to comment I will send a bib for you to test out and keep of course! I need 1 person per size, if that makes sense, so I can test out each size pattern. Just leave a comment with your child's age/size and color (boy, girl or neutral). The bibs you will receive will be made just for you. The bibs I made pictured below are size 0-6 months and made for my little man.

They stretch to fit over his head like a T-shirt. The front fabric is knit and the back is fleece to act as a water resistant layer which work well. My guy is a constant drool-er and they work pretty well, but I feel they could be improved before I start to sell them. 

My little guy wearing his sunshine bib! He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Please if you follow my blog but don't have kiddos share this post with your friends that do! I promise to have giveaways in the future for those of you without kids. Thank you!!

~Little T's Mommy~