Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zippers are evil!

Okay, so they aren't evil, but they aren't exactly my friends either. I am not going to give up on zippers for good, but I will definitely be sticking with buttons more often!

So I finally got around to making a project from one of the books I mentioned in an earlier post. I made one of the first projects a little zippered pouch which was supposedly easy. While it really wasn't as bad as it sounds, I am just not a fan of sewing zippers. Maybe it was just the size of this project that I had some problems with or that I just have absolutely no experience sewing zippers. Either way, the zipper had me frustrated, but I persevered and made a complete little zipper ouch with no tears! Yay! Here is a picture of my finished product:

Speaking of buttons, oh how I love them so, I got a nice little stash the other day from JoAnne's. They had a lot on clearance and my friend didn't get me away from them fast enough.

Aren't they beautiful?

Plus, I bought a couple more zippers besides the one I used, so I will have to use them at some point too. After I work up some more patience for them. *sigh*

On with the crafting! :-)

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