Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fresh Lemon Bars

So I actually made these about two weeks ago and haven't posted about them yet. We bought some lemons at Trader Joe's so naturally I decided to make lemon bars because they sounded so good. And let me tell you, they were AMAZING! Better than I could have imagined. I got the recipe from Bakerella, by the way she is amazing and I plan on trying many more of her recipes and ideas.

Mine were not as pretty as hers, but they were tasty and oh so worth freshly squeezing 4 1/2 lemons. (And getting lemon juice in the little owies around my fingernails, you'd think that would teach me from still picking. Hmm..nope.)

Oh yeah, and these made the perfect dessert for when we had dinner last week while my parents were visiting. I added some blueberries to the plate. It made a pretty and light dessert after another amazing meal Joe made.

Anywho, I think I will leave you with a picture so you will want to make your own.

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