Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Posting

So I am still have trouble with posting as often as I want to. But I have an idea that may help me both post everyday (or at least more often) and get me crafting more. I have been inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. I have a couple crafting books that I got for Christmas that I had wanted for awhile, Bend the Rules Sewing and Warm Fuzzies. I have only made like one project from each. So, just like in the movie (which I want to see when it comes out), I am going to try to a make a project from either book a day. Than I will post it on here, so I will have proof that I am keeping up with it! Oiy! So here goes...I will try to get one done today...but if not, this was my free day. Okay? Yeah...I promise I won't keep using that excuse.


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