Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little bit about me

My first post was just what I want to try to accomplish with this blog. Now I will let you know a little bit about me and more what I want to do.

My name is Rachel. I live with my amazing fiance Joe in beautiful Washington state. I was hoping to get my own creative business started when I moved out here...a year ago. Obviously I did not accomplish that yet. I currently work in retail...more specifically, in a mall. I am not a mall person...large, chain store, corporate sort of person either. My preferred place to shop is the amazing downtown where we live. I like the unique shops that sell more one of a kind and unique items you can't find at the malls. I also like to shop online for handmade and vintage items. I like the idea of making things from vintage and new items, to make one of a kind items. My goal is to have an online shop so that I can work from home so eventually when I have children I can stay home with them, but still do what I love and provide some income.

Like I mentioned in the first post, I like to do it all! I can't decide on just one type of thing I want to make or just one type of medium. I like to make kids and baby things like softies, blankets, clothes, etc. Also, I enjoy making purses (like the one in my first post). But I also enjoy baking and cake decorating.

So unlike most of the creative blogs out there that are focused either on crafting or baking/cake decorating. Mine will have to be both.

I hope this helps me and I hope I can meet some amazing people on here. I need some more people who share my love of creativity...and who can hopefully help motivate me and help my focus so I can get my creative career up and going.

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