Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Post

I love reading the crafty and cakey now it is my turn!

I don't know how well I will keep this up...but I shall try. I need to get my craftiness going and I feel that if I keep a blog it may motivate me to do so. I want to get my Etsy shop up and going, but first I need to make things. Hopefully this will help!

(I tried once before...and failed.)

I going to start with pictures of things I have created in the past for myself and I can get others opinions on what they like and suggestions on what I should focus my shop on...I am kind of a creative scatterbrain...I love so many different forms of creating: sewing, need felting, up-cycling, baking and cake decorating...and etc.....soooo, some input may be some help or my shop would be a cluttered mess of randomness!

Here are a few to start you off!

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