Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wrecky Carrot Cake

So last week I couldn't figure out what to get Joe for our anniversary. He bought me the coat I wanted and took my to my favorite restaurant here, but days after our anniversary (which was the 17th) I still could not think of what to get him. Then I came up with an idea! I went to Joanne's and bought some little plastic babies and decided to make him a carrot cake with the carrot jockeys! Since I only got one package with only 6 babies I decided to add more wreckiness and write out a misspelled "Happy Anniversary" and add some sprinkles for good measure! Here is the finished product:

I thought by being the perfectionist that I am it would be harder to make a wrecky cake, but it turned out easier than expected and it was pretty fun! You just sort of mindlessly pipe the words and don't fuss about anything. It is sort of freeing since usually my decorating gets very fussed over by me and then I still don't like it! Joe got a kick out of this since we read the blog together and I'm glad he liked it! Unfortunately the cake itself isn't that great as it turned out pretty dry, but the frosting is delicious!

Now you all need to go to the Cake Wrecks blog and read it! Start in the archives and read it all! Trust me you will crack up! :-)

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