Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Mother's Day

I can't wait to spend my very first mother's day with my sweet baby boy! It would be better if Joe could spend the day with us but he has to go make the money. Plus we get  bunch of days together next week/weekend, so I can't complain too much.

T had another visit with his neurologist last week and we discussed the results of his MRI he had in March. His doctor is a bit concerned because there were still some areas of concern within his brain and there had been some shrinkage of the brain. Overall he is doing well and meeting most of his milestones. The doctor is thinking he may prove them wrong by doing much better than they originally thought. He are proud of him and his accomplishments whether he ends up being behind or not.

I'm not much in a typing mood. Kind of sad especially since I haven't posted much at all lately, but I am just tired so I am going to post some new pics of some of what has been going on with my little guy and a link to my Etsy shop that I finally got up and going! Go check it out!

Our little family on Easter morning. I made T's cute little shortalls.

Little Man loves to stand! He is getting so big!

Holding his bottle now. He does such good job!

Enjoying some delicious peas! We have now tried oatmeal, rice, bananas, peas, avocados and pears. He only disliked the avocados. 

 Love my pea covered munchkin!

And a link to my Etsy shop:

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Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there!
~Baby T's Mama~

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