Friday, April 23, 2010

More wedding

So again I have been failing to post, I don't have much of an excuse because it really doesn't take up much time I just forget or I don't feel like writing. *sigh* Horrible reasons, I know.

I think I will continue to blog about the wedding progress and planning since I think it will help me clear my head and organize ideas and what not. I probably will post a bit about my crafting and baking, but it it will mostly be wedding. Ooh fun! :-)

As of right now I am trying to get my save the dates done so they can go out in the mail tomorrow. I am cutting it a bit close with those since it is now past our 6 month date, but I just wanted to do them! In a way, at least to me and in my mind, they are setting the tone and theme of our wedding and now that I have them almost done I am really excited about them. They aren't as eco-friendly as a wanted, but they are completely handmade and they should still be recycle-able. I wanted to put bookmarks in them using the stamp I made that has our names and date, but they just won't happen. Maybe I'll save those for the wedding or even the invitations. We will see, so many decisions!

OH and I found my hat/veil! Yay! I found it at an antique mall, it wasn't too expensive and it is darling! It matches my shoes pretty well and will go great with my dress. Of course the best thing is that it is vintage (eco-friendly) and 50's style. :-) Love it! In fact....I'll post a picture of it. Joe has seen it already anyway. I can't keep things from him! Ha ha!

My fabulous shoes! :-)

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